Inspirational Video - Imagraphy


I often think that YouTube had to be invented if it didn't already exist. Among all that trash and influencer garbage, there is a lot of valuable information if you care to search for it and keep critical. The video in the title is not on YouTube, however. But I found a trailer. 

Searching for the video itself reveals a link which I don't like to post here due to legal concerns. Streaming from that link should be legal in most countries.

  • Search Imagraphy on Google

It is a very inspirational video which every photographer will enjoy to watch. You will see great photographers talking about their background and what keeps them going. You will also see a lot of pictures in very different styles.

After the video, I looked through my work of this year. I could now more clearly tell the good from the average ones. Some images simply have a meaning and tell a story, even if they are technically not perfect. In fact, perfectness may even conceal the story behind a curtain of shear image quality. 

Unfortunately, the images I like most are personal, and I don't want to post them in a public forum. It would be illegal anyway without explicit consent.

Have fun watching!