Nikon Z5 - 50mm F1.8 - Some more Images


Nikkor Z 50mm, F2.0, 1/60, ISO800

I like this lens more than I expected. It is not really a nifty-fifty. It is too heavy, too large and too expensive. On the other hand, it delivers an exceptional image quality. I think it is well worth it and want to prove that with a few further images.

This is the only portrait I can show you. There is no privacy concern with a dog. At least, I hope so. You never know with these laws. The light was very poor, and by energy saving bulbs. The Z5 did not get the color balance right in Auto WB. But that is easy to fix in post processing. The eye AF for animals worked perfectly and fast.

Nikkor 5Z 50mm, F2.5, 1/60, ISO1600

Here is a street shot at night. That's where this lens shines.It has no problems with those harsh contrasts and renders light points nicely. The lamp posts are a bit outflown, which may actually be my fault. Overall, I like the result very much, especially the rendering of the wet stones.

As you see, the 50mm perspective feels natural in the scene. I cropped the image only at the out-of-focus lower edge.

Nikkor Z 50mm, F2.8, 1/50, ISO1600

This is an image to demonstrate the Bokeh you get at close distances. The lens is no macro lens, of course. If you want to focus much closer than in this image, you need to use a macro ring. I already tried the Meike rings, and they work. I like the Bokeh of the lens a lot.

Unfortunately, I still do not want to post portraits here. You have to believe me that this lens is very well suited for portraits and the results are amazing. Everything larger than a head shot will look natural. The wide aperture will smooth out the background, and you just need to focus on the eye.

Finally, another minimalist image of a minimalist Christmas crib.

Nikkor Z 50mm, F2, 1/60, ISO560