Photographing Snow

Snow is really difficult. The only trick I know is to find a simple composition, almost minimal. It is very tempting to take all that beauty and show it in one frame, especially when the sun glistens on snow covered trees. But that is not the best idea. The lots of white and the overwhelming light will just confuse the eye. Of course, you deliver the message that there have been masses of snow. But this is not a photographic message, I think.

A minimalist image is getting the idea of snow covered nature much more easily. Try to get the small branches sharp. The snow itself is much less important. It just has to be thick and covering And it has to be white. So, brighten it up in post processing!

Snow is also nice in evening light, when it gets colors and long shadows. This is my favorite. Then the color unifies the view. But even then, I don't like to overload the scene with snow and keep room for silhouettes which stand out against the snow.

Snow can also deliver interesting textures of all sorts. Above are tracks prepared for langlauf. Slight imperfections are not a problem, I think. The more geometrically simple the image, the better. 

Scenes like the above are not simple. I find them at the border of being undigestible. On the other side, there is a clear subject with the lamp post and the snow falling in the light, and the curved road bending under the light. So I find it okay, albeit not prefect.

I prefer images like the one below. That's simple and showing snow at its best.