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Nikon Z system -Tips and Tricks for the Z5

This is a collection of tips that I found while using the Nikon Z5. Most are from my perspective and support my workflow. Some are a backup reminder for me, since it is so easy to forget how a rarely changed setting works. I hope you find something here you had not yet discovered before. Note, that this posting will be growing over time, as I plan to add more tips to the list. Let us start with some settings for buttons and displays. The monitor mode button on the left side of the EVF cycles through the modes of the monitor and the EVF. You should take a look at the settings option " limit monitor mode selection" . I have only "automatic display switch" and "monitor only" active. This limit makes it easier to use this button.  I found that the automatic monitor switch stops working sometimes. In this case, you need to fix the eye approximation sensor above the ocular. In most cases, pulling the rubber eye piece to the sides helps so that it stretches abo

Nikkor 40mm - Night Shots

That's, where the full frame camera and the 40mm lens shines. All are at approximately F2.8, since the lens is not exactly sharp at F2.0.

Getting a Nikon Z5 - compared to the Z50 or Z6

The Nikon Z5 was Nikon's attempt to make the Nikon Z full frame line attractive for amateurs. They had this 24MP full frame sensor which was already used in DSLRs and the Nikon Z mirrorless body. Why not try to make an attractive package from that? I think they did a good job. The package is sold with a kit lens, usually the 12-50 F4.0-6.3, for around 1200€ in Europe. Nikon seems to have supply problems currently, like most manufacturers. But the camera is in stock in many places. As an example of the problems, the lens hood for the kit lens is not available since months. I got myself a replacement from a third-party source. The Z line currently consists of the Z6, Z6-II, Z7, Z7-II and the Z9 full frame bodies, and the ZFC and Z50 APS-C sized sensors (DX versus FX). You can use the full frame lenses on the DX bodies. But the other way around, you experience a 50% crop, which reduced the Z5 to 12MP. The full frame bodies have in-body-stabilization (IBIS), and the ZFC and Z50 rely on

Some Street Photography

In the Zoo with the GX80 Lumix 35-100

If you don't pixel peep, this combo is quite satisfactory for animals. If you do, you wished to have a bit more reach and a full frame sensor for the low light. 

Nikon Z 85mm - At Night

 A beautiful lens with minimal glaring and maximal sharpness.

Nikon Z 85mm

Rented the lens for a test period. It's a spectacular lens. Smooth Bokeh, great sharpness and bearable chroma wide open. They only downside is the 80cm minimal focus distance, which I wished was shorter. F1.8, ISO100 F1.8, ISO1600 F4.5, ISO100, 50% Crop F8, IS0400 F4, ISO320 F1.8, ISO100

Some Micro and Macro Images - GX80 and Z5

Bell Flower - GX80 - Lumix 30mm Sunflower - GX80 - Lumix 30mm Anemone - GX80 - Focus Stacked Phacelia - Z5 - 24-50 A collection of recent macro shots.